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17 Dec 2006

Buying a Computer Without An Operating System Doesn't Make You A Criminal!

Microsoft would have everyone one believe that it is impossible to buy a computer without a version of Microsoft Windows on it. Anyone who wants a computer without an operating system (OS) must therefore be a criminal intent on installing an un-licenced copy of Windows on the new PC.

This lie is one that Microsoft works very hard on. While it was once true that people could save £100 on a £1000 computer by not paying for Windows, the truth today is that the £5-10 that companies charge for Windows on a £300 computer isn't worth the effort to steal. If you want Windows it is easier to let the hardware vendor go through all the pain of making it work.

If you run Linux, or have a retail copy of Windows and enjoy the challenge of trying to get Windows to work then you may want to save the few quid that Windows is worth and buy a "naked" PC. If you are a large corporation then you don't care what's on the PC anyway as you deploy a standard build on it.

This week as French consumer rights group "Union Fédérale des Consommateurs-Que Choisir" is taking HP to court for refusing to sell a naked PC in contravention of French anti-bundling law. On LXer there is an interesting thread discussing the topic. HP contend that a computer is useless without an OS so they must provide one to make it work. Someone pointed out that the people who sell lamps don't provide a bundled light-bulb you have to buy one yourself, yet without a bulb the lamp is useless. You can just imagine the fuss if all light-fittings came pre-installed with one manufacturers light bulbs only...

Clueless Pedestrian

Today we went for a bike ride round the village. When it's dry it's a nice ride, the views over the fields are pretty all year round so it is always fun and usually refreshing.

Alas the problem with the ride is that we have to deal with other road users. Some people are polite and courteous giving you plenty of time and space. Most people don't give you enough space or time, but they are at least not nasty. Most luxury car drivers, in particular BMW, Merc and Volvo drivers though are down right nasty and dangerous.

This morning we only had one arse-hole in a Volvo to deal with, not bad going I thought. We were nearly back in the village when we came across a clueless pedestrian instead, he was out walking his dog. The old chap was walking with his back towards on-coming traffic (us), his dog was meandering all over the lane off it's lead. I could see he wasn't paying any attention, so I slowed down to a snails pace to "tip-toe" past him. Rather than startle him from behind I just went slower and slower until I reached him and went past him so that I didn't go between him and his dog. At this point he freaked out and started shouting abuse. If I had rung a bell he wouldn't have heard it, if I had shouted "get out of the way" he would have probably had a heart attack, or at least still shouted abuse.

I know no one is perfect, least of all me. But I do go out of my way to avoid killing me and other road users when I'm on the road. Some people are just plain stupid...