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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

22 Dec 2006

Instant Expert

I've recently read three interesting articles that support an opinion of mine. Basically the logic flows like this:

  • Anyone can use a computer, the more training and experience you have the easier it will be, but in principle if it's properly configured modern GUIs are easy enough for basic tasks.
  • Correctly configuring a computer for safe and easy use is harder to do just using a computer and does take skill. Because you can use a computer DOES NOT mean you are qualified to maintain one.
  • I believe that Unix/Linux systems are easier to configure than Windows ones. My experience comes from looking after more Windows systems than Linux/Unix and for a longer period of time.

In the first article Linux is Not Windows Dominic Humphries makes it clear to new users of Linux that Linux is not a clone of Windows, it is a clone of Unix, and as such it is designed to be different. Many people feel that Linux is just an open source version of Windows, which it is not in any way.

The second article points out that to install and configure a system, you do need to think, it's not going to do it for you. Penguin Pete tells it as it is, Linux and Newbies: Some Cold, Hard Reality, basically get off your arse and learn some stuff.

Microsoft have managed to convince many people that because use is easy that administration is also easy. This is a MASSIVE lie, but alas the clueless types that run business are constantly forcing Windows solutions onto IT departments all over the world against the protest of IT departments, that would generally prefer a Unix/Linux solution because they are easier to administer and maintain.

Dominic's critic of Microsoft Windows: What's wrong with Microsoft? is says what I've long said. Just because you can use Windows does not mean you are qualified to administer it. He backs up his claim with spam figures, most of which now comes from compromised home computers connected to the Internet by high-speed connections.