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08 Jan 2007

Editing pdf & eps Files

Now and then I have requirement to edit files in various postscript formats: ps, eps and pdf. Some files can be opened and edited by various Adobe tools but as these tools cost a bundle and don't run on a sane platform I'm out of luck.

Today I spotted pstoedit which is available in Debian. It does a perfectly serviceable job at converting various postscript files to an editable format. It even opens up "locked" documents for easy editing. Cool!

Pegasus R.I.P.

David Harris author of Pegasus Mail has terminated the product. Pegasus for DOS/Novell was the first email client I ever used. I briefly used the Windows version but on Windows I've been mostly a Eudora user - except at work where I'm forced to use Lookout.

I don't run Windows anymore at home, so this is no great loss but I do feel sorry that David doesn't feel able to develop it anymore or better still give the source code to the community. At least Eudora plans to live on by contributing to Mozilla Thunderbird.