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10 Jan 2007

Calendar Application

Last year a manager asked a colleague if it would be possible to put a calendar application on the Intranet site. My colleague found this half-decent JavaScript application called ScriptCalendar. The problem is that there isn't an easy way to save your changes back to the server.

I wrote a simple Perl CGI script to save the generated JavaScript file back to the server. It works okay and allows end users to make changes on-line and then save them back to the server. It is a bit clunky though. I've been messing with it for months in snatched gaps in my work load and it's getting depressing. Today I made good progress, only to have a colleague show me a better tool that took only minutes to set up. Actually it's not exactly what was requested but it probably would be a better solution...

DRM Is Dead

Apparently EMI formally announced today that it has abandoned using DRM. That means that all the companies that tried to use DRM to protect their CDs have given up on the technology.

As EMI concluded, decent people don't need DRM to prevent them from making unlicensed duplicates, it doesn't prevent large scale illegal duplication and it often breaks playback for legitimate users. To add insult to injury it adds extra cost and as Sony found out a lot of negative publicity.