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13 Jan 2007

Etch GUI Installer

At today's Hants/Surrey LUG meeting at Red Hat's UK Headquarters I installed Debian Etch using the GUI installer for the first time. Red Hat have plenty of bandwidth and their training PC was plenty fast enough so the install was swift and painless. I've used the TUI installer which works perfectly well and the graphical version is just as good, only prettier.

I then tried to install the ExamCram2 LPI exam simulator to show a colleague, but that failed miserably. I know I had problems when I installed it at home, but you can install it and it does run okay.

At the end of the day of playing with my newly installed box and showing some nice tools I spotted on Deb-a-day, we flushed the hard-disk so that some Red Hat trainee doesn't turn up on Monday to find the box running Debian.