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22 Jan 2007

Computer Games

It is sometimes said that the lack of games keeps GNU/Linux back when compared with Microsoft Windows. It is true that there are not a lot of commercial games available for GNU/Linux, however there are plenty of free ones and some are of a high quality.

Someone one said that most people don't actually want to buy games. All they want are a few decent simple desktop games and one or two flashier games. Real gamers will have every console under the sun and very serious PCs and you don't use a PlayStation 3 as a general purpose PC.

There are a few nice open-source games that I like, Frozen-Bubble is good fun, and I like the odd desktop puzzle app, e.g KPat. Recently I've been trying out ports of old Commodore 64 games such as Nebulous and Paradroid (Toppler and Freedroid).