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12 Feb 2007

Cracking Solaris

Spurred on by a recent 0-day exploit in Solaris 10, I again tried to gain root access to my SPARC box. The telnet bug in Solaris 10 didn't work on my antique 2.6 system but a quick google search found the "LD_PROFILE local root exploit for Solaris 2.6" on Bugtraq, which was good enough.

My Sun box is just a museum piece, I don't do anything useful on it. I only have it because work was going to throw it away. A friend has offered some disks for it, which could make it a bit more useful. Compared with my modern AMD64/Debian system it's quite pathetic really, but it's fun to keep old dinosaurs going if you can.

It's even more ironic as I have been reading "The Cookoo's Egg" over the weekend.