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07 Mar 2007

Old Code...

This week I've been working on an old SAP R/3 ABAP script at work. The original script is quite old, being written over 5 years ago - before our current SAP system was deployed - and it's not very idiomatic.

The changes required removing several functions of the report, fixing some features that didn't work properly and adding some new functions. Most of the time I've spent refactoring the code to make it shorter, simpler and cleaner. Only when I figured out what the spaghetti was supposed to do have I been able to extend the report as requested.

It's fun to do for a few days but I don't like wading through old messy code forever, I'll be happy to do something new next week. As Ovid recently said: you know when you are coding too much when you are embarrassed about having old legacy code visible on your computer to the contradictory gender...