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12 Mar 2007

Windows Under QEMU

After much pain and suffering I got both Win98 and Win2K running happily under QEMU. Both have been upgraded to IE6 which was the purpose of the exercise. Win98 wouldn't use a PCI NE2000 card so I had to change it to a ISA card, and Win2K insisted on the PCI version!

Interesting it was particularly hard to upgrade them, as their shipped web browser (IE4/IE5) struggled with the Microsoft upgrade web site. Win98 was easiest to patch, Win2K refused to upgrade to SP4 at all, and the upgrad to SP3 prevented it from being able to run the login dialog box.

It would have probably been easier to install IE6 under WINE but that would have not reminded me how miserable installing and configuring Windows is - I've not done it for a few years since upgrading to Linux.