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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

17 Mar 2007


Firebug - Web Development Evolved

At yesterday's OPALS meeting someone demonstrated the latest version of Joe Hewitt's Firebug, a Firefox extension/add-on that allows you to interactively debug all aspects of a web page. I've used the tool on and off in the past - it's great - but I hadn't seen all the new and really cool features that have crept in since I last really looked at it.

There is even a nice video you can download of Joe giving a talk explaining how it all works. You can find the talk on the Yahoo! User Interface Blog site: YUI Theater: Joe Hewitt, Welcome to Firebug 1.0.

The Glass Ceiling

It may be a humours post but Penguin Pete's The Glass Ceiling Over Linux has some valid points that are worth noting...