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24 Mar 2007

LCD versus CRT

This week a colleague at work replaced a SD CRT television with a HD LCD television. After one night, even with a digital HD feed and much messing he wasn't happy. After the second night where watching a SD feed from DVD was unwatchable he took the television back to the show for a refund. The retailer said that most people don't like LCD it's not as good as CRT and wasn't keen to refund his money as there wasn't anything wrong with it. Eventually the retailer gave in and gave him the money back, my colleague is now happy* with his SD CRT television now.

I knew that LCD and plasma wasn't as good as CRT last time I looked but I had thought that in the last 12-18 months that LCD had overtaken CRT technology, evidently I was mistaken.

* Actually he isn't but that's another story.