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26 Apr 2007

Trains++, Train Companies--

I like to travel by train. It's a bit fraught in the UK, we may have invented mass rail transportation but there hasn't been enough investment in the last century to keep up with modern standards.

We are planning on going to Scotland on Holiday this summer. It's a long way so we decided to go by sleeper train. We should have known to steer well clear when the web site said that they could sell tickets for parties only of the same sex... So I was forced to phone them and on a very noisy line I spoke to some heavily accented Scottish person. Two days later the tickets arrived, only they didn't sell us the correct ones! They will cancel them and give us our money back but they can't correct the booking error they made.

Like trains, hate train companies! I can't think of anything nice to say about any of the train companies I've dealt with since privatisation - they are all nasty money grabbing idiots with no idea about customer care!