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18 Jun 2007

Apple Safari for Windows

The beta of Safari 3 came in for a lot of stick in the press, it doesn't work with proxies at all and when it is working there are lots of bug - some of them serious. It's a beta release so bugs are to be expected but as some people have pointed out it's a lot closer to alpha quality than beta quality at the moment.

After a few days Apple came out with an improved version, it still doesn't work though work's proxy it still crashes and burns but apparently it's got lots of bugs fixed. I've not been able to test it on Internet sites but trying out on various work intranet sites I can say it's very sluggish, much slower than Firefox, Opera and even the slug that is IE. It's also painfully slow to start.

It is a beta product so I can only assume that the final release grade version will work, be stable and secure, and an awful lot faster. I can't see anyone in their right mind switching to it, Firefox is a better option. It's good that Apple ported it though, it will help shake down bugs in the Apple original, and ultimately the KDE khtml that it's all based on*.

* Porting PuTTY from Windows to Linux seems silly as Linux already has the very good OpenSSH package but the port helped to improve the Windows original and Linux now has an alternative an perfectly usable SSH client should it be needed.