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11 Jul 2007

Perl Introduction Talk

Yesterday I gave my Perl Introduction talk to the new Thames Valley PM. It was a bit of a preaching to the converted talk but even so it was useful to the non-Perl users and even the Perl users picked up something useful I hope.

I realised that things have moved on since I wrote it last year, so before I give the talk again (Surrey LUG have asked for it) I'll add a few extra slides.

Safari - Third Time Lucky

Apple patched Safari for Windows again and finally on the third go it now runs on Windows without crashing as soon as you try to use a proxy. At long last I can test it out and see how it performs.

First impressions seem to be that it's very slow to start, much slower than Firefox on the same box and IE (which is pre-loaded anyway). Once it's up and running though it seems to be quick enough, though you don't get any feeling of progress, pages change in one go from the last page to the new one. I don't think it's as quick as Opera which is a very fast browser indeed.

I'll probably stick with Firefox as my windows default for work but it will be useful for testing.