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15 Jul 2007

Red and White Currant Jelly

Today was redcurrant (Ribes rubrum) jelly day. We went to a local PYO farm. We collected about 2 Kg of redcurrants but it was a bit slow going as people don't pick them properly and make a mess. We then tried the whitecurrants (which are just colourless red) which people don't pick and were quickly able to collect a further 1 Kg of fruit.

We used the same method as previous years which resulted in 9x370g jars of ruby red jelly. The whitecurrants in the mix do not change the flavour but they do make it a little less red and more pink.

The yield was a little lower than last year when 3 Kg of fruit yielded 2 Kg of juice and 10 jars of jelly but it's still plenty to keep us going. Next weekend is rhubarb and ginger jam!