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16 Jul 2007

Browser Market Share

French browser observer XiTiMonitor report that Firefox continues to increase in market share across most of Europe. At the start of July Firefox had a share of 27.8% a 3.7% rise since March, with IE down to 66.5%.

The regional break down is more interesting, with Firefox approaching parity with IE in Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia and Ireland. Overall Firefox continues to grow with over 25% market share in Austria, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Estonia and Latvia, and nearly 25% in France, Sweden and Switzerland. Firefox has already reach parity with IE in Slovenia and Finland and is expected to overtake IE by the next survey.

Countries where Firefox still has not reached 20% market share include Britain, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Norway and Denmark.

Interestingly a companion survey also showed that Firefox users have upgraded to the latest version and keep their systems up to date, whereas IE users are not rushing to upgrade.

Opera, Safari and other browsers continue to grow in market share also, but not at the heady rates of Firefox.