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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

30 Aug 2007



This week it seems that Microsoft have been caught bribing people to vote for their broken so called OOXML standard.

I don't care what Microsoft does or does not do with their rubbishy code and sloppy file formats. It's nice that they have opened up a bit, but their so called OOXML standard is virtually unusable drivel, encumbered by patents and riddled with secret undescribed black boxes, making useless to anyone other than Microsoft.

18 Aug 2007

WiFi Networking

At home I don't run a wireless network. My computers all live within a few metres of my ADSL router and are all connected by high speed wires. This week I got a "Wife Friendly" networking solution that isn't the traditional wireless solution, I bought a pair of Devolo HomePlug AV, Ethernet over the domestic mains units. I can now access my network from anywhere in the house without having to mess with a silly WiFi solution!

07 Aug 2007

Strawberries and Rhubarb

At the weekend we picked some strawberries from a local PYO farm. This year has seen a very sizable crop but the damp weather has put people off picking it, so there were tonnes left when we went. A friend also gave us a few kilos of rhubarb.

Yesterday, on my day off, I cooked the strawberries and rhubarb (about 1:1 by weight) with a sprinkle of sugar and some vanilla. I then made an "Eve's" pudding with the fruit stew. It's very good. I've decided that strawberries taste much better this way - served cold with cream they are so boring.