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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

09 Sep 2007


This week AMD have announced that they will publish the full documentation of their ATI range of Radeon graphics cards so that the open-source community can work with them to produce a new range of 2/3D graphics drivers that are both open and free and therefore suitable for all flavours of Linux/BSD/Solaris. Not only will there be official open-source drivers - as Intel have announced, but the documentation will also be available in case anyone wants to go it alone. All that has to happen now is for Nvidia to open up, and we'll be in graphics card nirvana!


Even after vote-stuffing, bribery, cajoling, FUD, and every nasty trick in the book, Microsoft failed to get their "so called" OOXML standard ratified as an ISO standard on the fast track. I have no problem with them submitting something for standardisation, indeed it's a good idea, but standards can't ignore pre-existing standards that are similar, include opaque proprietary parts, unknown patent liabilities, basic school-boy maths errors and huge sections of undocumented unintelligible drivel.