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26 Sep 2007

3 Years of Junk!

Next week my home server will be three years old. In normal circumstances that would mean it has come to the end of it's warranty period. In this case the machine was already scrap to start with, work gave it to me instead of throwing it away. I will eventually have to replace the machine, it is too slow and too noisy but it has worked reliably for three years and a Pentium 2 running at 233 MHz (TDP ~35 W) does not use as much electricity as a more modern chip, e.g. a Pentium 4 (> 70 W).

What I do want is a new home server that uses a low power notebook part, such as the Intel Core 2 Due or AMD Turion 64 X2 that deliver plenty of processor grunt while consuming less power than my current Pentium 2. Low power helps to keep the running cost down and tends to make for a cooler and hence quieter box.

Lean Six Sigma

I'm taking a Moresteam "Lean Six Sigma" training course at work. Most of it has been interesting. In places the training is awfully American, people not familiar with American culture will struggle to understand many of the metaphors, to such an extent that it would be easier to explain the topic directly rather than my metaphor or example.