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29 Nov 2007

Mulberry Email

In my quest for the perfect email client I gave the now open-source Mulberry Mail application a go last night. It's supposed to be very fast, flexible and secure.

As there is only a 32-bit binary available I thought I'd try to build it myself for my 64-vit system, so I pulled down all the bits and tried to build it. After an hour of messing I gave up. I then tried the binary on a 32-bit system running in a VBox virtual system.

After a bit of fiddling to get the requirements in place and configure it, I had it running in a few minutes. It is amazingly quick, even from within a VM, it was faster than KMail running on my main system at accessing my email via IMAP. By comparison Eudora running via WINE is almost glacial at accessing IMAP email. However, it's possibly the most ugly and over complicated email program I've ever used, I think I prefer console applications like mutt to Mulberry.

It's nice that it's now open source and it would be really good if it got better and was able to offer competition to the other email clients. Or as it's now open source, perhaps it's IMAP engine could be ported to other clients instead.

My quest for the perfect email client continues and KMail remains my current favourite, despite it's foibles.

02 Nov 2007

Bill's Broadcasting Corporation

According to a spokes Vole at the BBC:

Highfield used the numbers of non-Windows users visiting as justification for the corporation's XP-only release. "We have 17.1 million users of in the UK and, as far as our server logs can make out, 5 per cent of those [use Macs] and around 400 to 600 are Linux users."

I'm willing to bet that the total number of Linux users who visit is small, but the quoted figure is absurd and is either an error or a down right lie. I'm sure this more evidence of creeping Microsoftism at the Beeb...

If you feel unset by this outlandish statement then please visit the Beeb's web site with a browser running on a Linux system and consider signing a petition to ensure that your voice is heard above the sound of marketing dollars...

Apple and Pumpkin Pie

It's pumpkin season again. As with previous years pumpkins arrive in British shops at silly prices, nobody buys them and then they suddenly get very cheap. We got a big one, once prices fell last week. So far it's made two batches of pumpkin soup, a pumpkin cake (like carrot but with pumpkin), an apple & pumpkin pie and there is enough left for another batch of soup.

This year I had lots of apples at the same time as the pumpkin so I made a mixed apple and pumpkin pie. First you steam your pumpkin and cook your apples, and then mix them in a ratio of 1:1 and puree. In a separate bowl whisk 250 g sugar, 2 medium eggs and 10 ml ground nutmeg. Blend the fruit puree and the egg mixture and thin with milk if required (mine didn't need thinning today). Pour the mixture into a 20 cm diameter pastry lined pie dish, sprinkle more grated nutmeg on top and put into a hot oven (220°C). After 15 minutes reduce the temperature to 160°C and leave for 20-30 minutes until fully cooked.