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20 Dec 2007

Email Idiots

At work we have an email policy. I do not agree with all off it - using Outlook and Exchange for example is an insane idea - but there are some good points in the company policy. One of the most sensible points is don't send email if you don't need to, many times speaking to someone in person is better, or the email just doesn't need to be sent.

This week we had an email inviting everyone, all 70 000 employees, to a concert in Nowheresville, USA. It was crass and stupid, not all US employees work at head office and lots of us don't work in the USA at all. Because the email came from a senior bod no one will have told him it was stupid and insensitive, reinforcing the view that the head office doesn't think or care about the rest of us...

Only a day later we had a typical stupid "me too email" sent from some moron in marketing who is too stupid to be allowed a Blackberry. Some irreverent person, from some insignificant devision was promoted to some other irreverent position. As usual senior promotions and junior open position are sent to everyone, we never hear about open senior positions or promotions of nobodies... Anyhow, within 5 minutes some clueless idiot it marketing sent an email to everyone to congratulate them, followed by some other idiot who should not be allowed to touch a computer...

People who reply-to-all or send to-all should have a damn good reason, being an utter idiot isn't a good reason...

Bah! Humbug...

15 Dec 2007

Cranberry and Redcurrant Pudding

Just made a dead simple microwave pudding. We were looking for a steamed pudding recipe that we could microwave instead of steam, and this one looked good enough to try, so in less than 30 minutes it's all done and eaten!

  • The Topping:
    • 70 g whole cranberries (fresh or frozen)
    • 100 g recurrent jelly
  • The Pudding:
    • 85 g Self-raising flour
    • 25 g ground rice
    • 1 tsp baking powder
    • 100 g sugar
    • 2 medium eggs
    • 100 g butter
    • vanilla pods or good vanilla extract

In a small pan gently heat the redcurrant jelly and 2/3rds of the cranberries. Simmer until the cranberries are soft but do not rupture them. Set aside and allow to cool a little.

Grease the inside of a 700 ml microwave safe pudding bowl with butter.

Mix the pudding ingredients together and beat into a sponge batter. Fold in the 1/3rd of the uncooked cranberries.

In the bottom of the pudding basin, spoon 1/3rd of the cooked cranberry+redcurrant mixture. Carefully spoon the pudding mixture on top. Cover the basing with a silicone top or similar. Blast in the microwave, we did it for 8 minutes on high, which may be a minute too long.

Once cooked, tip onto a plate and pour over the remaining cranberry+redcurrant mixture. Serve with lashings of custard.

02 Dec 2007

Did You Know, Shift Happens...

Yesterday was the 2007 London Perl Workshop. In the keynote address Tim Bunce played a section of the "Did You Know" video. It's all a bit obvious, but it does raise a few points that policy makers better take note off.