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14 Jan 2008

First LUG Meet of '08

This weekend I went a long to my first LUG meeting of the year. It was a joint meeting of the Surrey and Hampshire LUGs at Surrey University in Guildford. It's less than 1 hour by train, and I arrived in early enough to do some shopping - a nice pair of Karrimor KSB boots on sale.

There was an interesting talk about PackageKit. I felt it was a very fancy tool that solves a problem that doesn't exist. It is overly complex for one use case and doesn't attempt to address another one.

I took part in a useful discussion about slide scanners. I think I need to buy a second-hand Nikon Coolscan, as the current ones have poor/spotty SANE support. Until there is decent driver support there isn't any point in splashing out a serious chunk of change on a scanner. Thanks go to Stephen for bringing his scanner along to demonstrate.

I had an interesting conversation about updating debian based distros once new versions come out. As a general rules it "just works" but you can create a test system in a Qemu or VirtualBox session and test run the upgrade. I did this when I upgraded from Sarge to Etch for my family and it was a useful exercise.

All I have to do now, is find out is Perl runs fine on IBM System i (AS400) and if the Perl DBI works fine with "DB2 400". Otherwise someone will go with a PHP solution... Apparently Perl from 5.8 runs on OS400 via some AIX compatibility layer. It also looks like the DB2 driver for the DBI speaks DB2 for i5/OS: DB2 for i5/OS: Qshell, Perl and DB2 for i5/OS. How easy it all is I don't know.