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21 Jan 2008

Lighting Insanity

While waiting for my train this morning I overheard someone complain about someone leaving lights on at home. I know we all do it, but in this case it really costs a lot of money: they had 24 halogen down-lighters in the kitchen alone! If you assume a typical 50W per bulb, that's 1.2kW of lighting in one room alone!

Except where I can't change the light fittings[1], we have replaced all old style incandescent lights with compact fluorescent, reducing our lighting from 100W to 11W per fitting (on average) and where we can't fit cf bulbs dropping to the next size down, 30W halogens instead of 50W and so on. Given that electricity isn't cheap and is getting more expensive, it's really worth switching to more efficient lighting.

  1. I don't own the building[2].
  2. I can't afford GBP250k/USD500k for a two bed cottage.