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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

31 Mar 2008


Over the weekend we went walking. On the walk in some slippy mud I lot my balance and slipped a little. I didn't fall hard or even get much mud on me, it was a minor thing. A few hours later I realised that my finger hurt, the following day it was purple and rather painful. I don't know if I've actually broken it proper but it's rather inconvenient being a computer programmer and not being able to type because of an injured finger...

Dark Ages...

Over the weekend I used someone else's computer. It's was an unmaintained Windows XP/SP2 box running IE6. Even browsing google resulted in multiple pop-under adverts. Norton "whatever" claimed that the machine was clean and fullly up-to date.

I almost never use IE for anything and though I'm forced to use Windows at work, I mostly use PuTTY to Linux/AIX systems or the SAP R/3 GUI, so I touch almost non of Windows it's self or any of the standard Microsoft applications. At home I've used Debian GNU/Linux and the KDE desktop for several years now and I've used Firefox since the 0.6 betas.

Using a vanilla Windows XP machine and IE6 really is like stepping back into the dark ages. Crashes, adverts, pop-ups, pop-unders and all other flavours of badness are just something I'd forgotten existed...

I feel sorry for some Windows users, they must have such a pitiful computing experience, then I realise that so many refuse to use a superior alternative and defend their choice with such vigour that my pity disappears.