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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

02 Apr 2008


A long time ago I wrote XML::RSS::Tools to solve a problem I faced. I no longer have the problem so the Perl module is now rather unloved. Interestingly the search terms: "RSS"; "XSL" and "XSLT" are the most popular terms for this server. I don't know who if anyone actually uses my code but people's search terms suggest some people have the same problem I once had.

Technorati Claim

I've had a Technorati profile for some time but never done much with it. As I'm updating stuff today here it is.


I've long known about social network site, I joined one once, got excited for 30 seconds and then got bored with the volume of mindless drivel. Some time ago I was invited by a colleague to join LinkedIn, which looks slightly less childlike and possibly more useful. Today I got round to filling the forms in and actually joining.