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08 Apr 2008

Herisson => Lapin

I've replaced my home server Herisson with Lapin. Pretty much everything about the new server is an order of magnitude faster or larger, the disk is two orders of magnitude greater (though in practice less with mirroring enabled).

I now have Lapin partitioned up into the default system "Bleu" and several virtual machines "Noir" and "Rouge" for specific uses. The remote access works and I'm just waiting for Xen to trickle into Debian Lenny then I'll have KQemu, VirtualBox and Xen all at my disposal.

Today I finally copied the last files off Herisson and then splatted the disks by installing a fresh copy of Debian on top with a LVM2 layout that was quite different from what was their originally. Shortly thereafter he went off to a new home, where I hope it will prove as useful as it has here.

Herisson: Gone but not forgotten.