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19 Apr 2008

Safari for Windows

On my work Windows XP machine I've been tinkering with Apple's Safari browser. The page rendering looks very good, much better than other Windows applications including Microsoft's IE and Mozilla's Firefox. The user interface is a bit odd - though I'm sure it works well on a Mac.

The underlying rendering engine, "Web-Kit" is based on the open source "khtml" engine from the KDE browser Konqeror. Konqeror is commonly found on Linux/BSD systems running the KDE desktop system, where it works very well, if it does play second fiddle to Firefox. There are few differences in the engines and the user interfaces are miles apart, but both are very very standard compliant and very fast.

In speed terms it's hard to compare fairly, but IE comes rock bottom in most tasks, Firefox is normally faster but can get sluggish if you open too many tabs, but Safari/Konqeror and Opera normally vie for top spot in speed and they are all more standard compliant as well![1]

I must remember to use Konqeror a bit more often at home and Safari at work.

  1. To be honest a brick is more standard compliant than Microsoft's IE... Firefox isn't too bad version 3 will be much better.

Houses Are a Safe Investment?

Today I noticed I had an old newspaper from 2004 that was sitting in a drawer. In it there were adverts for the then new and very prestigious "Crown Heights" development in the centre of Basingstoke. A luxury two bed room apartment was a snip at only £215k and that figure already included various fees and incentives.

Today the same flats are now on the market for an asking price of only £150k and as we are now in a rapidly falling market, that means the actual sale price is likely to be more like £135k. Which means in just over 3 years if you had invested in "Crown Heights" your investment would now be worth £65-80k less or a loss of 30-37%.