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22 Apr 2008

Nothing Is Perfect

Today we spotted a three-bed bungalow with garden, garage and a proper dining room, kitchen and living room. It's on the market at £265k which is the dead zone above the £250k mark so it won't sell at that price, it will drop to £250k.

On paper it ticks every box, it's seems big enough, it still has a garden, it's not been wrecked by some idiot home improver and it's at a fair price (though it will be worth a lot less in 6-12 months), so there has to be a problem with it. This evening we went round to have a snoop around, the garden isn't as big as advertised (no surprise there) but it's instantly obvious what the problem is, even at 6:30pm the traffic thundering up and down the A34 just 0.5 km away is very noticeable...