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17 May 2008

A New House...

Today we visited a house for rent in the village. It's not perfect but it is in the right price range, it is in the village and it is available now. I've dropped my money off with the estate agent and assuming all goes well next week I put down a wad for the deposit and we move in next Saturday.

In the afternoon we had a look at a bungalow in the village. It has decent sized rooms and a passable garden. It has a hip roof so with care it would be possible to fit two smallish bedrooms up there. The rest of the building needs utterly gutting, all the rooms need redeploying and it needs all new plumbing, wiring and a new kitchen and bathroom. It is exactly what we want, the only problem is that the family want £375k for the place, which while theoretically possible is not money we are willing to spend on the place.

I think we will move into our new rental and wait and see what will happen. House prices are falling, the borough is down 10% to December 2007 and a further 6% down to the end of March 2008, by official land registry figures, so if the property has not sold in a month or so we would be tempted to put in an offer in the £200-250k range.