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29 May 2008

Why I Hate BT

I hate BT, they are the most useless of all the utilities I've ever had to deal with. They are lazy, sloppy and a virtual monopoly so they have no pressure to get get better.

Last week I asked them to move my land line from one property to another in the same village and hence on the same exchange. Even though it should take no more than 30 seconds to re-program an all digital exchange I was warned it could take up to 2 days. After three calls to complain that the move still hadn't happened yesterday they announced that there wasn't a phone line to move to so it would have to be an engineer visit some time next week.

The only good thing they managed to do was to waive the £130 connection fee. However I'll have gone 11 days without telephone and it will be another week after that before my ADSL line will be available.

In the past it took them over a fortnight to fix a broken line and even then they turned up unannounced on a Sunday morning to fix the phone, when the problem was in the street.

I Hate BT