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17 Jun 2008

New Browsers!

Today Mozilla released their brand new Firefox 3 browser. At the moment they are trying to break a world record in number of downloads in just one day - however I think they are most likely to break their download servers...

In a virtual system I have Debian SID which comes with the latest release candidate of Firefox 3 already and the release version will no doubt appear over the next day or so. It won't help the record attempt but it less messing than downloading and trying to install a third party application.

Over the weekend I downloaded the latest version of the Opera browser, version 9.5. It looks very much like the earlier 9.x series but like Firefox has very much changed innards and is at long last available for Linux in a 64-bit binary.

It's nice to see continual improvement in browsers, for so long Microsoft's IE dominated and there was total stagnation in web design as everyone contented themselves with designing within the considerable limits of Microsoft's antique platform. Since Firefox gained significant share and other browser have gained a small but increasing share the design market has opened up and everyone can see good design works well everywhere but on Microsoft's dinosaur platform. IE7 is a step in the right direction but until IE8 comes out Microsoft users are still left in another world...