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22 Jun 2008

Redirection.. Not

When we moved house I completed a postal redirect form with the Post Office. I paid good money for them to redirect post from our old home to our new one. We happen to know the builder working on our old home at the moment and he keeps dropping off post that the Post Office haven't redirected. I'm not happy with the Post Office, I send a complaint but they would probably lose it...

Microsoft Admits ODF Has Won

Microsoft has all but admitted that the existing ISO Open Document Format has won the current round in the file format wars. Not content with being ratified by the ISO first, Microsoft will also support ODF before they are able to support their own competing OXML standard and they now believe that ODF will probably be "the standard" going forward that everyone uses.

Their grudging support for the standard has been formally endorsed by them joining the committee that runs ODF. The cynics would caution that as they haven't been able to kill the standard from the outside they will now from the inside embrace, extend and finally exterminate the standard, a technique long practised by Microsoft. Thankfully they were not able to exterminate the world wide web and there is some hope that they won't be able to exterminate ODF.

With luck the various challenges against OXML from several national bodies will mortally wound OXML and Microsoft will really commit to using the cross-platform ODF format properly and OXML will quietly die.