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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

24 Jun 2008


Over the weekend I bought myself a new wristwatch. I didn't technically need a new watch, a strap for my existing one would have been sufficient. I've had a few watches over the years and I found it weird not wearing one, even for a few days.

My first watch as a child was a small cheap red Timex mechanical watch. I had it a number of years before I received a Timex digital watch. The digital watch lasted just over 12 months to be replaced by a Casio digital watch. The Casio watch lasted many years but with several new straps, until I was given my grandfather's Record (part of Longines) Swiss watch. My grandfather's watch while very nice isn't water or shock proof so after several years of service I was given another Casio watch for general use. The strap on my second Casio has also been changed several times and this time I decided to get a whole new watch - so I got a cheap titanium cased Lorus (part of Seiko) quarts analogue watch.

I now have a selection of watches, a mechanical Swiss watch (most delicate and least accurate) a Casio analogue/digital (battered and prone to gaining) and a new Lorus quarts analogue watch (probably the most accurate). It's quite interesting how you read time with the different watches, on a digital display it goes straight into your mind without thinking - so I often have to look again whereas on a traditional analogue display you have too think for a second to comprehend what the hands mean and I think it sticks in your mind as a result.