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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

13 Jul 2008


At home I have needed a backup solution for some time. I've been rather lax and not had one for far too long, relying on mirrored disks is not a backup solution...

I decided to try out rsnapshot as it looks simple enough to be easy to do and powerful enough to do what I need.

After a certain amount of messing with the rsync and ssh options I've not got it backing up my home server and our two desktop systems all automatically. I've now got to back the snapshots up to something external (DVD or a USB 0.5 TB hard disk)...

LUG Meeting at Nokia

Yesterday was a joint Hampshire/Surrey LUG meeting at the Nokia facility between Fleet and Farnborough. For a mid summer meeting it was quite busy and most productive.

Using Nokia's fast and plentiful Internet connection we upgraded a friend's Ubuntu system to the latest version and fixed a number of Apache/PHP related issues. We also got Dovecot IMAP working on the system and moved email into it from another system.

There were quite a few new faces, which is always good too see and plenty of familiar ones. Someone brought along a tiny Viglen MPC-L computer, listen to the next ubuntu uk podcast for a full review.