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27 Jul 2008

Mega Jam Day

Today I made three batches of jam. I am now full of enough sugar to power a Tour de France bike rider up an Aple. I started with 2 Kg or redcurrant juice to which I added 2 kg of sugar to make 9 jars of jelly. Next it was a kilo of rhubarb, 500 g of crystallised ginger and a kilo of sugar to make 6 jars of jam. Finally 2 Kg of rhubarb, a kilo of oranges and 2.2 Kg of sugar make 12 jars of marmalade. Should keep the household running another year.

It's taken so much of my day up that I've still not had time to get NFSv4 working with Kerberos 5. I've just had enough time to join together kinit, telnet.krb5 and ksshaskpass.