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28 Aug 2008

Summer Holiday '08 (Day 07-08)

We started this day by packing up and moving to Concarneau. We drove through some pretty places including the very touristy but none-the-less still pretty Pont-Aven. The campsite in Concarneau wasn't as nice as Croas-an-Ter. It was in the town, more cramped and though not full it was quite busy and noisy. After settling in we walked down to the near by beach before meeting up with family for dinner.

We went for a day trip to L'Archipel des Glénanon the following day. It's a set of small pretty islands in shallow clear sea water and in glorious sunshine it feels like a tropical paradise. Well worth the visit, it's just a shame it was for only a few hours and that a lot of other people where there at the same time...

27 Aug 2008

Summer Holiday '08 (Day 03-07)

The problem with Brittany and any other peninsulas or small islands is that the weather is very volatile and greatly influenced by the sea. That often means that it often starts wet in the morning and then turns out very nice in the afternoon. So we had a few damp starts but nothing to worry about.

First up was went for a nice walk along the river La Laïta and then along the coast to Doëlan via Le Pouldu. It's a very nice river valley leading on to a pretty coast line and even on an overcast day it's enough for me to get a sun tan.

The next day had a very rainy morning we decided to go for a shopping trip to the near by town of Lorient. By the time we arrived it was a swelteringly hot day and it would probably have been best going to the beach!

On the following day we went for a bike ride through Clohars-Carnoët (Kloar-Karnoed) to Doëlan and finally to Kerfany-les-Pins. Another flat sort of day but again enough for me to catch the sun.

On our final day here we biked up to Quimperlé (Kemperle) to hire a canoe for a few hours paddling about on the La Laïta. Great fun and a fantastic way to see this fabulous river valley.

We then packed up the tent from our very nice camp site* and drove on to Concarneau (Konk-Kerne) for the next leg of the holiday.

* Our camp site "Croas-an-Ter" was brilliant. It was mostly empty so the facilities were spotlessly clean. It had lots of cute animals: red squirrels; bats; hedgehogs and rabbits. The plot was lush green grass and it was enormous and we had no noisy neighbours!

24 Aug 2008

Summer Holiday '08 (Day 01-02)

We arrived in Saint-Malo on time and drove to the campsite just north of Le Pouldu. We got the tent up in nice weather and settled in.

On the second day after a damp start we drove to the morning market in Quimperlé. Nice little place, quite busy even on a Sunday.

22 Aug 2008

On Holiday (Day 00)

I'm on Holiday!

20 Aug 2008

Windows Hate (Day 2)

Using Windows is like having an Emery Paper Enema, it's not something a sane person chooses to do. It's taken me two days to get Windows to talk properly to one of our pumps and even then it's not stable. It's going to be a real challenge to get all the data out of the pump and into SAP in time.

On the up side it's Perl programming which is good and I'm now confident it will work, even if it's an evil solution. If only we could use Linux or Unix everywhere, life would be so much easier.

16 Aug 2008

Show Me Do

I'm currently listening to my backlog of ubuntu uk podcast recordings. There was an interesting piece on the Show Me Do site, that provides lots of educational screen casting videos on various open-source topics. Very interesting.

Slide Share

Slide Share is an on-line slide presentation sharing web site. It seems to be popular with the Perl community, this year's YAPC::EU having it's own Slide Share Event.

I've therefore decided to upload all my sides to the site and make them freely available on that site as well as the ones they are currently on. My slides can be found here: and as new ones are created or the old ones updated I'll keep them up to date.

15 Aug 2008

Acer Aspire One

Small/cheap notebooks are all the range since the Asus Eee PC-701 launched. Interestingly many of them come with Linux installed instead of the more typical Microsoft Windows. My current Dell Inspiron is showing it's age, it's way to slow and the case is breaking in quite a few places. I don't use or need a notebook much so I've been unwilling to buy a new full price notebook, even a cheap £300 Dell Inspiron.

The initial Asus created quite a stir and there are now several members of the Eee family and several alternatives from their competitors. The Acer Aspire One looks rather nice and works pretty much out of the box with Debian. Maybe I'll buy one, or then again perhaps I'll not...

12 Aug 2008

Add To Any

As an experiment I've added "Add to Any" links to this blog. I don't know if it's any real use. It does increase the pages render time quite a bit so I may take it away if I can't see any benefit of it.

Add To Any

As an experiment I've added "Add to Any" links to this blog. I don't know if it's any real use. It does increase the pages render time quite a bit so I may take it away if I can't see any benefit of it.

10 Aug 2008

Networked Again!

Yesterday I tried my ADSL line and it's active again, so I'm back on line three days ahead of schedule!

We went to Winchester today to have a look at the farmer's market. It was quite busy and I bought a case of my favourite Hill Farm Orchard apple juice. It's not cheap but it's worth it.

07 Aug 2008

Find Duplicate Files

Yesterday I thought I'd add a delete and hard link option to my fdf application. It's not ready for public release yet but it has turned out to be a relatively easy feature to add and it also appears to be quite robust too. It's not suitable for non-UNIX like systems like Microsoft Windows which are just too primitive, but on any modern UNIX or Linux system it works perfectly well.

I also took the opportunity to switch the code base from a CVS to SVN code repository. I was surprised to see that it's also two years since I released the last version.

06 Aug 2008


This morning I received an email from a rightmove automated search suggesting that I may be interested in the house I use to live in. We were forced out by a greedy landlady who wanted to sell up and extract the capital that had appreciated in the house. At the time of the eviction she offered us the property for £225k (US$450k), which I thought was completely over the top. In the subsequent months she has paid two more months of mortgage repayments, the builder's bill to tart the place up and the loss of two months of rent. The house is now on the market for £10k (US$20k) less.

Ha! Ha!

05 Aug 2008


I don't know if I should be proud, but one of the R&D engineers though I was a twisted **** for my plan to get SAP to talk to a Fluka Metron electrical test device and one of our pumps. I've done all the mock-ups and now that the Perl and Ksh pieces work reliably, it's time to start the SAP integration piece.

04 Aug 2008


After an administrive cock-up, Nildram have cut my network connection off at home. Today they promised to put a new line in and have given me a free month of connection time. Even with maximum urgency it is still going to take 5 working days at best...

If they hadn't been quick I would have selected an alternative supplier, probably Zen Internet.

01 Aug 2008

Nildram Network Died

Last night when we got home we discovered that our ADSL line was dead. Today I checked and it looks like there is a problem with Nildram. I've sent them an email but I'll probably give them a call as it looks like a billing problem, rather than a technical problem. We could be without Internet connectivity at home for a few days...!