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27 Aug 2008

Summer Holiday '08 (Day 03-07)

The problem with Brittany and any other peninsulas or small islands is that the weather is very volatile and greatly influenced by the sea. That often means that it often starts wet in the morning and then turns out very nice in the afternoon. So we had a few damp starts but nothing to worry about.

First up was went for a nice walk along the river La Laïta and then along the coast to Doëlan via Le Pouldu. It's a very nice river valley leading on to a pretty coast line and even on an overcast day it's enough for me to get a sun tan.

The next day had a very rainy morning we decided to go for a shopping trip to the near by town of Lorient. By the time we arrived it was a swelteringly hot day and it would probably have been best going to the beach!

On the following day we went for a bike ride through Clohars-Carnoët (Kloar-Karnoed) to Doëlan and finally to Kerfany-les-Pins. Another flat sort of day but again enough for me to catch the sun.

On our final day here we biked up to Quimperlé (Kemperle) to hire a canoe for a few hours paddling about on the La Laïta. Great fun and a fantastic way to see this fabulous river valley.

We then packed up the tent from our very nice camp site* and drove on to Concarneau (Konk-Kerne) for the next leg of the holiday.

* Our camp site "Croas-an-Ter" was brilliant. It was mostly empty so the facilities were spotlessly clean. It had lots of cute animals: red squirrels; bats; hedgehogs and rabbits. The plot was lush green grass and it was enormous and we had no noisy neighbours!