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28 Aug 2008

Summer Holiday '08 (Day 07-08)

We started this day by packing up and moving to Concarneau. We drove through some pretty places including the very touristy but none-the-less still pretty Pont-Aven. The campsite in Concarneau wasn't as nice as Croas-an-Ter. It was in the town, more cramped and though not full it was quite busy and noisy. After settling in we walked down to the near by beach before meeting up with family for dinner.

We went for a day trip to L'Archipel des Glénanon the following day. It's a set of small pretty islands in shallow clear sea water and in glorious sunshine it feels like a tropical paradise. Well worth the visit, it's just a shame it was for only a few hours and that a lot of other people where there at the same time...