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25 Sep 2008

Unix++, Windows--

Today I've been dealing with sending files to Deutsche Bank. I'm using curl to transmit SAP IDoc files to the bank and then using curl to pull report files back. Working with DB is possibly the worst experience I've ever had with a third party and I wouldn't recommend ever working with them.

I've also had to deal with nasty Windows problems. For example curl running under Cygwin on my desktop PC and on a Red Hat box are both happy to send files via a corporate Windows proxy server, curl on AIX is not. Pulling files from any system is fine but there must be a conflict between curl and OpenSSL on AIX and the Windows proxy because it works fine using an alternate Squid proxy on Debian.*

My next problem is that DB said the files would be plain comma separated ASCII text files. It turns out that they are semi-colon separated and their Web-server server is sending files with ASCII CR+LF line-endings, which screws up your shell scripting until you filter them out...**

* And yes I know it could actually be IBM at fault, AIX is weird but it is easier to blame Microsoft - it's normally their fault...

** Again technically webby protocols should be CR+LF but I forget that unlike Perl which magically deals with this, Bash does not.