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14 Oct 2008

SAP PI Training Days 1 and 2

First day was a late start and slow day. XI or as it's now called PI is just an XSLT engine on steroids. However it's mostly written in Java so it's pig slow, a serious resource pig, and very buggy. However it's "free" with SAP products and probably a good enough alternative to 3rd party middle-ware for us at work.

Day two started badly as my train is running 3 minutes earlier than I anticipated... but I still managed to squeeze through the door in time - lucky connection at Waterloo making up for my bad start.

It's interesting that others on the course have a such a negative view of Java, it's not just the Perl community who think Java is buggy, bloated and slow...!

I've discovered a few Linux "people", so I hope to exchange emails with them in the future - it's always good to meet like-minded people on courses to exchange ideas off.