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18 Oct 2008

The Debian System

Last week I've spent a lot of time on the train going to and from SAP's training centre in Feltham near Heathrow. I took my copy of Martin Krafft's "The Debian System" with me to have something to read and to show to two of the other students who turned out to be Linux users at home.

It's more than a year since I last read or looked at the book and it refers to Debian Woody/Sarge when currently Debian is at the Etch/Lenny transition. Even so I still found useful stuff in it - a really great book.

SAP PI Training Days 3 to 5

Day three didn't start well, the train was late and short, so I was forced to stand all the way to Clapham Junction, and I wasn't able to get the early connection to Feltham. The course got more interesting today though and I got home in sensible time.

Day four started better, the train was on time, I got a seat and made the earlier connection at Clapham. Today was technically the last day of real course work and with yesterday the only useful part of the course. I managed to leave early and got home a home hour early today!

The fifth and last day started well with good connections to Feltham. The morning was pretty much just a "teach back" followed by a small but very interesting piece about integration and stateful message flow. We broke early for lunch and then were free to go.

I'm glad it wasn't my money that was spent, SAP charge over £2 000 for a course like that and I don't think it was good value - it certainly wasn't 5 days of training.