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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

08 Nov 2008


Made it to Manchester by bus today - the trains don't run early enough on a Sunday.

The second day was quiet, lots of people left early to go home which meant my talk (the last one) wasn't the best attended. However I think it went really well - got laughs where I expected and plenty of discussion at the end.


Getting to the conference centre wasn't too bad, the train arrived early and I had some time to wander around Manchester.

I checked in and waited for things to start. One talk I was looking forward to didn't take place as the speaker was ill - which is a shame. Not many people at the meeting which was also a shame. Still the people who were there were nice and the talks that did take place were good.

In the evening I went along to the conference dinner which was also fine - even better for me as a speaker I didn't have to pay. I made it home to my dad's place okay managing to dodge the Manchester rain.