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14 Dec 2008

Small is Beautiful

Microsoft must be in trouble when the Economist is recommending Linux over Windows on a new netbook: Rational consumer: Small is beautiful. Netbook sales are probably a fad and Microsoft will adapt but it is another cut of the thousands required to bleed the monopolistic monster dry. With any luck they will waste another pile of cash on buying and destroying Yahoo!

LUG Meeting

Yesterday was a joint LUG meeting between Hants LUG and Surrey LUG at the University of Surrey in Guildford. It was an awful day with pouring rain and pretty atrocious conditions for any one brave enough to venture outside. However quite a few people battled through and we had a reasonable attendance.

I gave my Desktop Adapted for Dad talk (again) and Michael Judd talked about the Adempiere.

At the meeting Adrian mooted the idea of a slightly bigger one day event that the local LUGs and related groups could possibly stage. As I recently said it is possible but not trivial to arrange an event on little or no budget that is a great success, where something on a grander scale is not necessarily all that successful, see London Perl Workshop 2008. I don't really fancy organising something this very minute but it's something to think about...