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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

20 Dec 2008


I normally read RSS feeds from the live bookmark feature built into Iceweasel/Firefox. It's simple and it works well. This week I thought I try using a stand-alone feed reader to see what difference it makes. I run KDE so I used a KDE flavoured RSS reader and selected Akregator for the trial.

Installation was trivial and simple: sudo aptitude install akregator and all the bits required were downloaded and installed (not much in my case). I set up a few feeds and played around - seems okay. I set up all the feeds I currently have in Iceweasel and added a few more that I don't currently have.

I like the fact that in minimises into the background and periodically updates, which allows me to quickly browse the news rather than the more pro-active style of a browser interface. Each has their advantage but I like the fact that I don't need to have Iceweasel running, akregator internally calls Konqueror if a web browser is required.

Yesterday, I downloaded a book from a blog entry and realised I have KGet installed - I install stuff then forget about it.... Akregator and Konqueror are integrated and automatically use KGet for smart background downloading, Iceweasel does not. However if you install the flashgot add-on you can use KGet, Aria2 or anything else from Iceweasel - most useful.