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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

14 Jan 2009


Over the past decade I've probably bought 90% of my books, CDs and DVDs from Amazon. Of the rest about 9% were bought from HMV/Waterstones and about 1% from Virgin/Zavvi. Amazon get most of my money because they have a far better selection than the high street alternatives and on the whole they have been a lot cheaper. HMV/Waterstones have picked up some browse/impulse buys and stuff on special but Virgin never did.

It's always sad when people lose their jobs but is the closure of my local Zavvi a loss? No, they were pretty useless and awfully expensive. It was a failing business when Branson sold it to the managers and they were probably very foolish in thinking they could turn around a moribund business given the current state of the economy.