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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

28 Jan 2009

Working From Home

Tomorrow I'm working from home so that I can let the plumber into the house to do plumber things to the bath, without having to sacrifice a holiday. In many respects it will be much more efficient than working at work: less travel time; less noise; no distractions (other than the plumber) and better IT infrastructure. There are downsides, I'll miss my colleagues and my work notebook isn't ergonomically as good as my work desktop system - but over all it's an acceptable arrangement.

I've even remembered to bring home some paperwork so I know what I'm doing and my mobile is fully charged. The downside is I've got some nasty SAP Forms to work on, which are awkward at the best of times and some really evil Windows stuff to do.

I know I said I was going to be positive, but I draw the line at Windows APIs. It's as if somewhere in a Bond-Villain bunker, Microsoft engineers devised the inner workings of Windows to be as awkward, annoying, overly complex and Byzantine as possible, as a game to amuse their Master. Somewhere Bill is sitting with a white cat, laughing melodramatically at all the poor souls unfortunate enough to have to work with Windows...