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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

08 Feb 2009


Next week is probably going to be as exciting as last week. In the south we have had "Blizzard Conditions", a few millimetres of snow and a light breeze. The "Media" have been talking as is if it was the end of the world. In truth we had a small dusting of snow, not a lot really and while it is true that most people down here are not prepared to deal with it the media have made a ice age out of a snow drift.

The forecast for tomorrow is for more snow and "blizzard conditions" again in the evening - or possibly just wind and rain - they are not sure yet. It is hard to predict exactly what will happen and who will get rain and who will get snow, but that doesn't stop it all seeming very comical.

Where I grew up we had temperatures down to -15°C most winters. The snow routinely fell to above waist height in front of the house, you just gone on with life. When I spent a winter at UMass I saw even more snow, peak day time temperatures of -20°C and snow metres thick that stayed around for days.