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11 Mar 2009

IE8 but no IE9!

If you believe /. IE8 will be the last browser in the IE family, there will be no IE9 as Microsoft are throwing in the towel. IE has been a security nightmare for them and as it makes them no money it's just a constant drain on resources.

What this probably means, is that they have at long last decided to stop hacking on the rotting corpse that is the IE Trident engine, and will probably do a clean write from ground up as only Microsoft can, or more sensibly and less likely just apply a skin to a freely available open-source browser engine as Google and Apple have.

French Pulled Ahead With Open Source

Unlike the UK which gave a knighthood to the head of a company that pays almost no tax to the UK and employes very few people here the French have no problem in throwing out foreign proprietary software and instead investing in something cheaper and better.

Several years ago the French Gendarmerie Nationale started to migrate away from closed source to open source solutions. It's not been a bump free ride but they have now almost completely moved to a Linux desktop solution running a variety of opensource applications that they can switch too with ease as they are now vendor-lock-in free. Best of all they now reduced their IT budget by 70%.

Even if the current Nu Labour government in the UK isn't keen on opensource and saving money, both opposition parties are. The Liberals are pro opensource for both principled and pragmatic reasons. The Tories are only pro saving money but they are the most likely next government which is at least better than the current incumbents - on some levels.