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28 Mar 2009

Expert Shell Scripting

A few weeks ago Apress sent me some books to review for them. Two of them went out to a LUG member and two I planned to review. Brad sent his first review in this week and I posted my first review shortly after. Both are now on the LUG web site: /BookReviews.

I decided to cross-post some of my earlier reviews to the LUG site to flesh the section out and make it look less bare. It's not easy reviewing a book, my first book from Apress, "Expert Shell Scripting" wasn't that good, it wasn't that bad either but I'm glad I didn't buy it. Some books you really like and some you really don't, a lot are a bit more in the middle...

Any how I hope we've not scared off Apress and they keep sending us books to review. In the mean time I'm going to start on the second edition of "Automating Linux and Unix System Administration", which should be okay - I already own the first edition so I'm not expecting it to be bad.