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04 Apr 2009

Search Words

I check my server logs almost every day. I'm mostly looking for broken links or strange behaviours. For example a few years ago I spotted a lot of bandwidth theft from MySpace users so I put a stop to that and this spring I saw a lot of probing for PHP bugs (I don't use PHP myself, but other less fortunate people do). Normally I'm not usually interested in what people actually look at on the server.

The search word hits that show up are interesting though. The top word hits for 2009 are:

  • d'enguerrand / enguerrand
  • ecuries / ecurie
  • debian
  • dns / bind
  • dhcp
  • linux
  • ddns
  • perl
  • dynamic
  • file

I host my sister-in-law's stable web site Les Ecuries d'Enguerrand, I wrote an article on how to set up Dynamic DNS and DHCP on Debian and I wrote a finding duplicate files script in Perl - an interesting subset of the site. Last year XML/RSS and XSLT were popular search terms but not this year...